Thursday, May 12, 2011

New home, new town, new school!! We sold our house and have finally relocated to our new state and we are all together again! Our new home is lovely and large with space and bathrooms enough for everyone. The boys love their new school, which we walk to and from everyday. It has been a long haul this last year and now things are falling into place at last.

This brings me to the subject of this post. I have decided once and for all to completely follow Dr Furhman (and so many other smart people's) advice and proceed with the 100% vegan lifestyle as described in Eat to Live. I'm planning the six week intro phase to start on Monday, May 16 and to contue for 6 weeks, at which time I will evaluate whether to continue or modify the plan. I have tried this plan before and have not stuck with it, but I need a challenge and I need a success. I'll be following the plan to the letter and will be upating here daily

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