Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weigh-in #5

I had a great week and am down 2.6. I did not use my Body Bugg. I ate vegan, avoided sugar, alcohol and flour. It wasn't hard and I feel great.
We are remodeling and landscaping this week and we've been working hard to get everything done before our oldest's first Communion party on May 8th.
I will check in again with next Monday's weigh-in. Have a great week!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Here

Thanks for the little nudge, Tracie! Things have been a little up and down foodwise and otherwise. On the down side, in the past several days, I've eaten some meat, felt like a fiend for doing it, then blew up like a giant gas balloon and one poor little boy has been home with strep throat!. On the upside, he is almost all better now, I've been eating alot of veggies everyday, have not binged and feel great!
I've gone for about 2 weeks without my Body Bugg to see if I can stay on track without it. In June I'll decide whether or not to keep using it.
Mister gave up on Medifast because he doesn't like the food. He has lost 10 pounds and is following a a different plan of his own. Hoping for the best!! I feel that if I stick to my plan and make great veg food for him, he will succeed. I'm aiming to inspire and support him with my own journey.
Today and tomorrow, I'm working the evening shift at the hospital, ( I'm a med-surg/ OB RN). I'll bring my veggie "meat" for the salad bar and my little vegan energy bars. That works out well. The hardest thing about work is staying away from the dang candies, cookies, bars, muffins...all that crap that is always there. YUK. In the past, being stressed at work and diving into the junk has been a big setback for me. I'm looking forward to NOT DOING THAT this weekend. It will be a great feeing to come home from work feeling proud and relieved that I did the right thing!
Monday weigh-in!! So excited!

Monday, April 12, 2010

#4 and tough decisions

Hey! I'm down 0.2 lbs!
Mister started Medifast this past Saturday and engaged in a little "last supper" behavior. Blizzards, pie, you know the drill. I did partake in a little of that, so I am pleased with my little loss for the week.
I'm glad that Mister Jones and I are now on the same page, so to speak, with our weight loss efforts. I always feel as though I'm swimming upstream (and Not burning any calories) with my slimming efforts while he sits with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a glass of oaky chardonnay each night. Now that we are in tune, I'm really going to take advantage of this time to make some significant positive changes.
On another note, we've reviewed our finances for the upcoming months, and I've had to make a choice between Bikram yoga and Spanish lessons. I've decided to continue with Spanish, and really utilize the gym membership (which we can't get out of AND get a big discount for using).
I love Bikram and feel sad to leave it aside for now, but we can only afford so many things, right? The kids will be taking activities and sports this summer also, and we will be buying new bikes for them as well.
I'm also considering giving up the Bugg. As much as I have enjoyed it and learned from using it, my free subscription is up in June. Fitday and Sparkpeople are FREE. So, I'm thinking....track calories for free, work out like a fiend.....might be OK Buggless. Hmmm
I feel VERY grateful to have these choices. It is up to me to make the most of all that I have. Lucky Girl!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

weigh-in #3

Zilch. I got nothin'.
I really expected a loss, but hey---I'll see it next week.
This week I've walked 15 miles!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So far, this week has been going great.
* I've walked four miles around the lake each day
* burned over 2700 calories each day
* stayed vegan and under 1800 calories
I'm excited to see tomorrow's weight loss.
I'm busy trying to complete a big project (photo albums) before the kids are out of school. Also, organizing and decluttering the house in preparation for summer. I just want be free to play and work with the kids and not be distracted by too much extra crap.
Speaking of being distracted by extra crap. At the age of "early forty-something", I must say that I am so ready to be DONE with "trying too lose weight". It has really been a futile distraction since I was 13, this trying to lose weight. I've never even been over a healthy weight until the last few years. All the time, money and energy I've spent chasing a thinner self when I ALREADY WAS THIN!. Then, in recent years after actually becoming obese, spending my precious resources on futile attempts to recapture what I never realized I had. There is so much more in life to explore and I've given this chase enough of my time.
I'm letting it all go.
I'm eating what I want, when I'm hungry. I'll stop when I'm not hungry anymore. I'm tracking calories for information purposes only. I'll exercise because I love to move. I'm going to celebrate and cherish the body I have, not some imaginary thing. I'm going to take very good care of me. I know if I move beyond overeating, my weight will normalize. Let's see where this goes.
This blog is going to get really boring for readers besides moi, although I know it's been not too much to start with. Just a journal. A journal of a woman coming back to a long forgotten self. Lots of numbers, because they are comforting to me. I crave simplicity in my life.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I need to file an extension for my Monday weigh in. I'm going to weigh in Thursday this week and then stay on Mondays there after. My weekend was fun but I couldn't get out to exercise and I enjoyed the Easter Feast a little too much. Today is a great day and I can't wait to make my smoothies and walk around the lake!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

me and mister jones

Trying to hang on over here. Last night I went a little nuts on the food and yesterday I was unable to get away for a walk. I want to really rock today and tomorrow so I can see a loss on Monday.
The Mister and I have BOTH gained over 50lbs since getting married 10 years ago. This has much to do with our habit of having wine, making something yummy and watching a movie. This all happens after the kids are in bed. It has become not only our favorite, but now our only activity. Once a week would be fine, but sometimes it is four times a week! When he is working nights, I'll do it by myself.
Poor Mister now has high blood pressure, bad knee, terrible heart burn and sleep apnea. We both know if he loses the weight, all this will probably go away. He has decided to do Medifast and while it wouldn't be my choice, I'm in full support. This could be the thing for him. We have decided that it will be.
When we were in California the other week we looked at a vibrant older couple having dinner. We knew they were both physicians from New Zealand, here to speak at the conference Mister was attending. They were slim, beautifully dressed and groomed. Grey hair and wrinkled skin, yet lovely and handsome. More vibrant and energetic than us, who are 30 years younger. During that trip, we took a vow to each other and to ourselves, to live life to the fullest, to get out of our rut, to take excellent care of ourselves, not just the kids.
Losing this weight is just one of the many changes we plan to make, but it is the first and most important this for both of us.

Friday, April 2, 2010


It's been a couple days! The kids continue with spring break and Mister has been working alot. We decided that we are not going to relocate. The job offer has not been made yet. They said they are still deciding. But we aren't willing to put our lives on hold any longer. We are staying put. It is a good feeling.
As for moi? I've been working hard in the home, playing hard with the kids and getting out for walks. I did not track calories yesterday, but I believe my eating was right on track. I have not binged this week. I have had some cow's milk almost everyday, but otherwise vegan. I've been reading Thrive by Brendan Frazier and am gearing up to start that plan next week. I've also been thinking up a plan of rewards for each milestone on this journey. Just for fun.