Thursday, March 25, 2010

back on track

Our vacation to San Francisco was wonderful. We walked miles and miles around that beautiful place and also ate and ate! I had quite a bit of seafood and champagne. I gained. But last week, although I did no posting here, I tracked calories, did moderate exercise and lost over 5 pounds! Its was easy and I felt amazing. then....
Yesterday and the day before, I did binge in the evening, creating a 753 and 420 calorie surplus in the process. We are on pins and needles in our house this week as we are awaiting news on a job for the Mister. He does have a good job here but there is another opportunity in a nice city 2 hours away. Of course that would mean moving, new schools, different everything -- but he would get a good raise and we would be up for the adventure. They are supposed to let us know this week if he has been selected for the job. Waiting is hard. I haven't planned our summer or even springtime events and I hate that I haven't done that.
But-- the sun is out, spring is in the air and I am back on track.
Goals for this week:
maintain last week's loss
post here daily
continue tracking calories in and out

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