Saturday, March 27, 2010

knowledge is power

Good Morning! The last two days of being back in the groove have been fine! I walked around the lake both days (3 miles) and created a calorie deficit of 648 Thursday and 830 Friday. Today.....we'll see. I'll *just* be playing with my boys all day and doing the usual homemaking and errand things. I'm grateful for the calorie tracking and Bugg info. Using this info has really helped me become less of an emotional eater.
Before Bugg: Wow. I just pigged out on a huge breakfast. The day is ruined. And I can't even work out today because the kids are home. I'll just throw down the rest of the day and start again tomorrow. (Then proceeds to eat a ton of calories for the rest of the day and drags self around the house)
After Bugg: Wow. I just ate 800 calories for breakfast. I can't go to yoga or the gym because the kids are home. Today I'll still make progress, because I know I've still got 700 calories left to enjoy, and I can easily burn at least 2400 calories just by playing with the kids and keeping up with chores.

Knowledge is power.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog through Lyn's comment section for her new blogroll. I'm glad I did! Sounds like we're traveling the same path right now.

    I've already gained the idea of checking out the Body Bugg from you -- I'll be looking forward to reading more of your ideas!

  2. You are inspirational! I'm so glad that your Body Bugg is helping. It's nice to have that mental advantage over a day. I'm excited to join you in onederland!

  3. Hi Megan, I say your picture over at vegan epicureans, and it reminded me of an old picture of my grandmother(that is a compliment) She was a very refined, wonderful woman. So I came to check out your blog pad!
    Pretty sweet!
    I am a vegan too, with a wish to lose weight too, so I thought we could be friends!!!
    I have a vegan food blog so if you need any idea's pop on over!!!

  4. Megan,

    I am glad Brandi (Vivacious Vegan) noticed your picture so I found you too. I have had my body bugg for about 15 months and I adore it. Since my blog is mostly food I don't mention it, but it is great little device. How long have you had yours?