Friday, August 27, 2010


I wanted change in my life and I got. Big time.

My husband got a job out of state and we will be relocating there. I've lived here for 25 years. A new life.

And, last week my husband was hospitalized for 5 days and received a pacemaker. He is 35 years old! This is actually good news because the cause of his seizures has been found (cardiac syncope) and treated (by having a pacemaker). Such a relief.

Now. I'm excited about everything. We'll be getting the kids ready for school and getting the house ready to go on the market.

This is the time to get these 50 pounds off of my body. Life is moving forward and I'm going with it.


  1. Meg,

    Wow, it does sound like one of those cautionary be careful what you wish for stories.

    Glad to hear they figured out what was wrong with your hubby. I have a friend that got a pacemaker at 18 and she is now 32 and very healthy. Thought you might want to hear that. :-)

    Good luck on your move and getting rid of those extra pounds.


  2. hahaaha. I was going to write exactly what Meg wrote as her first lines.

    I, too, am glad you found the cause for your husband's seizures. Such a relief!

    OK. Here's what you know, but I am compelled to tell you: Any kind of change-even exceptionally good ones--cause stress. As does health events.

    You have lots of stress points in this post. LOTS!

    So, plan RIGHT NOW, if you haven't already, the kind of things you can do to de-stress daily. You know, moments of time, daily that will ease your mind, nerves and stress muscles.

    And put into action those things that keep you from feeling overwhelmed. NOT those things that add to stress. Like, some people de-stress when they make lists of things to do--others get stressed UP when they make a list.

    Do what works for you, but do it.

    Okay, unasked for counseling session over.

    Congrats on the great news!


  3. Thanks, Ali and Deb for the encouragement! I do need to find a stress release that I can do whilst dealing with my kids, husband and house. Anything I do know how to do requires solitude.
    Your kind words are very much appreciated!!