Monday, April 12, 2010

#4 and tough decisions

Hey! I'm down 0.2 lbs!
Mister started Medifast this past Saturday and engaged in a little "last supper" behavior. Blizzards, pie, you know the drill. I did partake in a little of that, so I am pleased with my little loss for the week.
I'm glad that Mister Jones and I are now on the same page, so to speak, with our weight loss efforts. I always feel as though I'm swimming upstream (and Not burning any calories) with my slimming efforts while he sits with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a glass of oaky chardonnay each night. Now that we are in tune, I'm really going to take advantage of this time to make some significant positive changes.
On another note, we've reviewed our finances for the upcoming months, and I've had to make a choice between Bikram yoga and Spanish lessons. I've decided to continue with Spanish, and really utilize the gym membership (which we can't get out of AND get a big discount for using).
I love Bikram and feel sad to leave it aside for now, but we can only afford so many things, right? The kids will be taking activities and sports this summer also, and we will be buying new bikes for them as well.
I'm also considering giving up the Bugg. As much as I have enjoyed it and learned from using it, my free subscription is up in June. Fitday and Sparkpeople are FREE. So, I'm thinking....track calories for free, work out like a fiend.....might be OK Buggless. Hmmm
I feel VERY grateful to have these choices. It is up to me to make the most of all that I have. Lucky Girl!!!


  1. How did you get your Bugg for free? I'll definitely try it if it doesn't cost me anything!

    Good job on the loss. Sounds like things will be a little smoother now that hubby is joining you in your efforts!

  2. I hope you're doing well -- you've been quiet!

    Probably just out walking around that lake of yours. :-)