Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Here

Thanks for the little nudge, Tracie! Things have been a little up and down foodwise and otherwise. On the down side, in the past several days, I've eaten some meat, felt like a fiend for doing it, then blew up like a giant gas balloon and one poor little boy has been home with strep throat!. On the upside, he is almost all better now, I've been eating alot of veggies everyday, have not binged and feel great!
I've gone for about 2 weeks without my Body Bugg to see if I can stay on track without it. In June I'll decide whether or not to keep using it.
Mister gave up on Medifast because he doesn't like the food. He has lost 10 pounds and is following a a different plan of his own. Hoping for the best!! I feel that if I stick to my plan and make great veg food for him, he will succeed. I'm aiming to inspire and support him with my own journey.
Today and tomorrow, I'm working the evening shift at the hospital, ( I'm a med-surg/ OB RN). I'll bring my veggie "meat" for the salad bar and my little vegan energy bars. That works out well. The hardest thing about work is staying away from the dang candies, cookies, bars, muffins...all that crap that is always there. YUK. In the past, being stressed at work and diving into the junk has been a big setback for me. I'm looking forward to NOT DOING THAT this weekend. It will be a great feeing to come home from work feeling proud and relieved that I did the right thing!
Monday weigh-in!! So excited!

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  1. Sounds like you're planning ahead. That's great! I'm looking forward to your weigh-in results!

    Your work sounds like it's probably fascinating. I've thought that being a midwife would be so very cool, but I don't think I'd like their hours!

    Good job with the veggies, and good to hear from you!