Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So far, this week has been going great.
* I've walked four miles around the lake each day
* burned over 2700 calories each day
* stayed vegan and under 1800 calories
I'm excited to see tomorrow's weight loss.
I'm busy trying to complete a big project (photo albums) before the kids are out of school. Also, organizing and decluttering the house in preparation for summer. I just want be free to play and work with the kids and not be distracted by too much extra crap.
Speaking of being distracted by extra crap. At the age of "early forty-something", I must say that I am so ready to be DONE with "trying too lose weight". It has really been a futile distraction since I was 13, this trying to lose weight. I've never even been over a healthy weight until the last few years. All the time, money and energy I've spent chasing a thinner self when I ALREADY WAS THIN!. Then, in recent years after actually becoming obese, spending my precious resources on futile attempts to recapture what I never realized I had. There is so much more in life to explore and I've given this chase enough of my time.
I'm letting it all go.
I'm eating what I want, when I'm hungry. I'll stop when I'm not hungry anymore. I'm tracking calories for information purposes only. I'll exercise because I love to move. I'm going to celebrate and cherish the body I have, not some imaginary thing. I'm going to take very good care of me. I know if I move beyond overeating, my weight will normalize. Let's see where this goes.
This blog is going to get really boring for readers besides moi, although I know it's been not too much to start with. Just a journal. A journal of a woman coming back to a long forgotten self. Lots of numbers, because they are comforting to me. I crave simplicity in my life.


  1. Sounds like you had a very good week to me both from an exercise and emotional perspective. Good for you! I like your new attitude.


  2. Hey, I'm getting lots out of it! You really voiced the thoughts that have been in my own head this week -- how much time and energy have I given up to this (almost) life-long weight loss endeavor?! Too much of both to even think about.

    I love reading about all the exercise you're getting. I'm jealous!

    It sounds like you're in a really good place right now. You're doing it!