Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 and 3

Yesterday and today of my personal challenge. I managed a walk yesterday, today will be the gym. I've been pretty hungry. I had a martini last night but other than that, I've been 100% on plan.
Had my brains addled at Spanish class today, but I told my teacher that I accept there are 52 tenses in Spanish and I open my heart to each one. One day, I want to read Borges and the writings of Guevara.
I'd always assumed I'd need a tummy tuck after giving birth to 10 and 11 pound kids, but after several weeks of eating in a healthy way, my belly is about flat. It's a miracle. What I thought were blown out muscles in need of surgical repair, turns out to have been fluid and bloat from a bad diet. I've been wearing my size 12 jeans ( 3 different pair) for the last week and they are comfortable in the waist! I have a good amount of abdominal fat to lose, but I feel so relieved and encouraged by this revelation!!
I miss yoga very much--as I REALLY hate the gym. but as my best friend's college counsellor used to say, "Nothing is fun all the time."


  1. Congratulations on getting your exercise in and the smaller jeans.

    If it makes you feel any better I don't like exercise either. However, I just acknowledge that is is important and get it done. I have finally realized that I am probably never going to like it, and that is okay as long as I do it.

    congrats again,

  2. WooT! for smaller jeans. That feels really good.

    I hope you get your yoga back.

  3. So cool about the jeans!

    What happened to the yoga?

  4. Great job Megan!!!
    Isn't it amazing what happens to a mothers stomach with weight loss or just toning sometimes? Freaked me out when I lost 40 lbs. Here was this flat slightly toned stomach under my fat protection layer. lol