Wednesday, May 19, 2010

steps and stones

I passed some milestones!! As of this week:
* I'm out of the 190's,
*I have less than 40 pounds to go
*I'm no longer obese, according to the BMI.
To celebrate, I decided to honor my skin. I bought some nice sunblock for all of us, made an appointment with the dermatologist for a head-to-toe checkup and I had a little online shopping spree at Lush.

I read a comment on another blog the other day, " Two steps forward, one step are still one step ahead!"
I just LOVE that.
That's my vegan quest, my weight loss journey and my personal challenge in a flippin' nutshell. I'll have 4-5 five days out of the week that are exactly on plan, then 2 -3 days of a piece of cake , a martini, a fast food meal. This formula is resulting in a slow and steady weight loss, but I'm really striving for better.
Here's to more better days!

1 comment:

  1. That's a pretty neat quote. i like it too. Good job on the weight loss! no more 190's!!!