Monday, July 5, 2010

freedom challenge

Deb says on her inspiring blog, Deb Will Be Free,

"In the next four weeks, we will celebrate the freedom that we have found, but we're not stopping there! We're going to go on to break free from whatever continues to hinder us, hold us back, or tangle us up so that we can be fully free to live the lives we were meant to live and to live them with joy."

What hinders me? My indulgence in wine and my consumption of animal products. Every monday, I will post specifically about how good I feel without alcohol or animal products in my life! So, it is on with the challenge!!

1 comment:

  1. Helloooo, Megan! So glad you're a part of this challenge. Thank you for the kind words--and the quote.

    "to live fully free" doesn't that sound wonderful? I bet it feels even better... We're gonna do this thing! :D

    For FREEDOM!