Saturday, July 3, 2010


Big party at the neighbor's tonight. I did have some animal products and overindulged in wine :( But it really was a wonderful time. Very relaxing and fun, just what we all needed.

Cup of oatmeal with fresh peach and strawberries, ground flaxseed
Cup soymilk
medifast bar
an ocean of white wine
3 salami cream cheese rolls
1 ear of corn
1 cup pasta salad
grilled mushrooms and zucinni
4 pork ribs
2 handfuls Doritos
1 liter water
Exercise: 30 minutes on elipse machine

I am grateful my husband for being so responsible, for my neighbors for being so fun, my kids for being sweet and cute. I glad that I felt really beautiful last night, having had the chance to spend time on my self care.

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  1. Yay for feeling beautiful. I love those days too!